It is now the middle of March and things are moving at a pace. The season will be on us in no time at all.

As usual there are a few things we need to do to get the ground back into cricket mode. That means it's Cricketforce weekend again.

The date will be April 2nd starting at 1pm for a couple of hours. This generally means that we need to reinstate the covers, sight screens and nets, plus empty the garage of the equipment we have stored in there over the winter period. I know we say this every year, but if you can spare one hour of your time then we can get these tasks completed in no time.

Following on this and provided that we have got the jobs done then Thursday night training will begin on April 6th from 6:15pm. It is our intention to get the Thursday night training back up to a level that it was a couple of summers ago where we train with purpose and still have a laugh! I hope that everyone will buy in to this.

Our first games of the summer begin on April 22nd. The 1st XI have a home friendly and the 2nd XI an away friendly. That evening we are planning to have a pre-season gathering at the clubhouse from 7pm. Popping along is essential if you are intending to play in 2017 as we need to ensure that we have all your details correctly inputted into the play-cricket system so please come down to the ground, have a check of your details and quick drink and a bite to eat (there will be some food provided!)

Subs will be due from April 1st!

Kind Regards

Craig James