An extract from the opening day program:- 

Stamford Road, is the Association's tribute to the memory of those Colleagues who gave their lives during the war of 1939/1945. We feel that a playing field is a happy choice which many can enjoy and help run and maintain. 

We were fortunate to acquire the freehold of these eight acres so conveniently situated on the fringe of West Bridgford, although the field today bears little resemblance to that originally purchased. It was soon put under the plough, then carefully leveled, treated and sown with selected seed and our new ground took form. Equipment was purchased, including a tractor, gang mowers and roller - and this in turn necessitated garages to house them - a turfed cricket square and concrete practice wicket were laid and entrance gates erected. The first phase of our project could not be considered complete without a club house and the Committee felt that this should be of permanent construction designed in two parts, the first to provide essential changing accommodation and amenities for the sports sections and the second meeting rooms and tea rooms to be added when finances permit. 

Opening Day sees our Ground in use both for summer and winter sports with a cricket, rugby and two hockey pitches and ample room for tennis and athletics. The turf improves with the constant care it will be considered to be one of the best club playing fields in the district. 

The Committee responsible for the development of the Ground started with very little knowledge or money and the success of this scheme could never have been achieved without the much valued advice and support received from friends of the Association. Most generous help and donations have been received from old scholars all over the world, from parents of the present scholars, from local and City shops and other business houses, from the National Playing Fields Association, and countless others and all this help is most gratefully acknowledged. Our scheme is not yet complete and maintenance is costly but we are pleased to say that the expense of the scheme so far has been met almost to the full. 

The resolve and determination to provide a worthy Memorial has been the inspiration behind our efforts and we trust that our pride in our playing field will be honoured and shared by future members.

In Memory of

Leonard Eric Bignall 
Kenneth Gray 
Samuel Edward Pike 
George Edwin Bradley 
Roy Harley 
Kenneth Albert Rivington 
Arthur Leslie Brooks 
John Ockelford Heath 
Keith Robinson 
Allan Edward Brown 
Philip Hardy Hemsley 
John Alan Rudd 
John Francis Chell 
Keith Wheatcroft Holmes 
Walter James Savage 
Clifford Clokie 
Ian McConachie Hyem 
Frank Stanley Scott 
Kenneth John Cooper 
Alan Cha've Jones 
Frank Lill Shears 
Francis Derek Crane 
John Arthur King 
Kenneth Albert Stokes 
John Stewart Crane 
Arthur William Martin 
John Wynne Turner 
Ronald Frank Culley 
William Arthur Marwood 
Kenneth Stanley Turner 
James Robert Elding 
Eric George Mason 
Peter Eric Westby 
John Thomas Flower 
Frederick Alan Nelson 
Cyril Bernard Whitby 
Reginald Edwin Gale 
Alfred Richard Harry Palmer 
Bernard Eric Williamson